Restorative: This class is a perfect complement to a vigorous lifestyle and yoga practice. It is designed to slow down the body and mind so that you can relax deeply, allowing your natural rhythms to balance and restore. We use bolsters, blocks and blankets so that you can fully surrender to the pose and find stillness not only in the body, but in the mind. This yoga is for everyone, including those recovering from injury.

Gentle: This class is a combination of asana, breath work and meditation techniques. We start and stop in restorative poses and build a little heat in the middle. Suitable for all levels – from beginners newer to their practice to those more experienced looking to go a bit deeper and move a bit more slowly and compassionately. The focus is on learning to move efficiently.

Easy Does It: This class is designed to bring the body back to its natural state of equilibrium through restorative postures and yummy movement. The focus is on encouraging the innate intelligence of the body, so that you can tap into the body’s natural healing mechanisms. Suitable for all levels.

Gentle + Restoratives: This class is a combination of gentle heat building movement + delicious restorative poses accompanied with breath to reduce stress and tension.  Perfect for beginners as well as those looking to complement advanced practices with release and subtle alignment.