“I use to only know yoga for my body. Now I know yoga for my soul. And it’s so much better.” – Lisa Rutherford

“It wouldn’t be restorative without Amber’s soothing and meaningful words guiding us through the evening, she is simply THE BEST!!!!!!!” – Erika Novick

“Just thinking about Amber‘s class makes me feel relaxed.” – Dr. Nancy Kimble

“My mind and body is so much more calm, relaxed, and happy after Amber’s classes. Mentally, it is a vacation and physically, it is like a bubble bath minus the water.” – Malka Bar

“Amber’s soothing voice as she gently guides us into a state
of non judgmental relaxation literally makes me drift off into a
peaceful few moments of restful sleep in our first pose.
I find her classes to be a great source of restoration
physically, emotionally and spiritually as she teaches us to
relinquish the knowledge of our minds to the wisdom of our
souls. She truly has a gift… Namaste.” – Mary-Margaret Humes

“After a stressful week of work, Amber’s class is the perfect remedy to feel relaxed & enjoy the weekend.” – Austen Gabb

“Since practicing yoga with Amber, I have become stronger, my body is more toned and I have no more back pain!” – Carol Reiter Davis

“I came to Yoga Noho on the recommendation of a colleague. My first class was Amber’s Restorative class, which was also her last class. I was so moved, so pleased, so genuinely HAPPY to have found both Yoga Noho AND Amber, that I made a mental note about her upcoming 2 hour Restorative Classes. Amber’s restorative class exceeded my expectations (which is not easy to do).  I was instantly hooked. Amber is so knowledgeable, so informed, and she has a lovely way of teaching.  The atmosphere she creates with candles, lighting, and especially the aromatherapy oils are so very conducive to healing.  Absolute nirvana for this yogi. I love knowing that I can increase my awareness of the body, energy, and chakras, while also giving myself some much needed healing. I cannot imagine a better teacher, or a better way to spend my time. I highly recommend Amber’s restorative class. It changes everything for the better. ” – Erin Tierney
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Anonymous shout-outs:

“That was like a vacation for my mind.”

“I feel better than I have in years.”

I never knew what being still meant until this class.”

“My sleep is better than ever because of Amber‘s classes.”

“I look and feel younger after taking a class with Amber.”

Amber‘s classes are necessary if you hope to maintain an active lifestyle.”