Are Thoughts More Important?

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Thoughts, just like food, have to be digested. We have to process them. When we process information it leaves us with something useful that will be assimilated, and something not so useful that needs to be eliminated. This process is very clear when we take in food – we assimilate and eliminate. But because we rely so heavily on our eyes and we can’t see our thoughts, it’s not as clear. Some of us rely so heavily on our eyes in fact we think we are our bodies (we are so much more). And some of us even think we live in the external world (we don’t). We live in our minds. And your mind can either be your friend or your enemy, it can be a place of freedom or imprisonment. You get to choose. If you want to be healthy, if you want to feel good and live in a way that makes you happy you need to talk to yourself in a loving way and you need to have happy thoughts. I mean this literally. Look at how you talk to yourself, how you feel about yourself and if it is negative or critical in a harmful way you have got to learn to change it. Because, I’ll tell you a little secret, that voice that is saying those nasty things – that is not your voice. It’s somebody else’s voice you picked up along the way. Your natural voice is a loving voice. You can look at babies and small children and know this to be true.