N O V E M B E R  4 – 1 0, 2 0 1 8


Join AVY for a week of deep connection with Nature and Self in the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta of Colombia, South America, November 4-10, 2018. This retreat space is very intimate and the number of participants will be limited, so please reserve your space early to ensure participation.

Gitana del Mar Boutique Beach Resort is located on the shores of the Caribbean Sea in Colombia, South America. The resort lies at the foothills of the impressive and magical Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta, the world’s highest Coastal Mountain Range. It is here that we will have the opportunity to learn about the political and cultural history of the area, while giving the body and mind an opportunity to begin to vibrate with the energies that are present in this very powerful part of the world. Once we have learned to still the mind, we will begin to connect with the land, to open a dialogue with the plants and animals. This attunement to nature, to the MOTHER as the Kogi tribe refers to her, will be made more accessible by learning to enter a parasympathetic state. You will be guided into this state of relaxation so that you can experience a non-ordinary reality. Here we can begin to tune into all of life. In addition, there are many people that will come to speak and to teach us about Colombia past and present, how the indigenous families in the area live in harmony with nature, and what we can do to help. Most days will be spent at the resort breathing, resting, stretching, decompressing, slowing down, and tuning in. Mid-week we will take one day in the mountains, maybe to visit a Kogi family, or perhaps the National Tayrona Park area. This will be determined by the permissions granted by the tribes that live there. Nothing is done without permission in The Heart of the World and everything offered will be optional. You will be the one to decide how best to spend your time.


The four existing indigenous tribes (Kogi, Wiwa, Arhuaco and Kankuamo people) are ancestors of the pre-Hispanic Civilization, known as the Tayrona. They still practice and follow the Tayrona belief of “Aluna”, which is the belief that all reality is created by thought. Every object or being has both a spiritual aspect and a physical reality, both of which originate in thought. These people have been calling the Sierra Nevada Mountains their home for hundreds of years.

They refer to this area as “The Heart of the World” because they believe that what happens in the Sierra Nevada also happens everywhere in the world. They are committed to restoring the equilibrium to Earth by daily ritual practices, mental discipline and meditations. All of their efforts are to help protect the Sierra Nevada and the world from destruction. They have plenty to protect, including multiple ecosystems, such as: wetlands, mangroves, tropical rain forests, desert, alpine tundra and finally reaching snow capped mountains at the summit.

Through all these varied ecosystems, thousands of species of plants and animals have been identified, including dozens of which can only be found here. For example, almost 630 different bird species have been identified here, more than the US and Canada combined. Many rivers also flow from the mountains, including three large ones that empty the some of the freshest water in the world right onto our beaches. These stunning rivers are all within a 15 minute drive from the property and provide fun adventures, calming fresh water and breathtaking vistas.


In addition to soaking up the rich indigenous culture of the area, Amber Voiles will guide daily movement and stillness classes to bring you into alignment with the present moment while Heather Shoopman bathes us in sound and offers the healing modalities of Reiki, Crystal Healing, and Chakra Balancing for those who wish to receive. Our most important teacher though will be Nature. Once a dialogue is opened with the life that surrounds us the teachings come very clear and quick. This retreat will be to realign with the deep connection that we have with the plants, the sand, the birds, the sun, the moon, the stars, and everything that is alive in this vast universe we call home.


Gitana del Mar Boutique Beach Resort is located just 15 minutes from the entrance of Parque Nacional Tayrona, and a beautiful one hour drive from the burgeoning historical downtown center of Santa Marta and the Simon Bolivar Airport.

Our nearby airports are:

Santa Marta (Domestic flights only) – 1 hour drive

Barranquilla International Airport (BAQ) – 2.5 hours drive

Cartagena International Airport (CTG) – 5 hours drive



Twice Daily Yoga with Amber

Private Reiki Sound Experience with Heather

3 Fresh, Healthy Meals a Day + Daily Tropical Fruit Juices

Day Trip to Tayrona National Park

Kogi Fire Ceremony

Talks with Local Experts on the Culture and History of the Area

Abundant Time for Self


Airfare – to BAQ currently $525.oo on American

Transportation to/from Airport

Sacred Pool Excursion

Trek to Indigenous Pueblo in Sierra Nevada Mountains

Horseback Riding

Stand Up Paddle Boarding + Kayaking (weather permitting)

Spa Treatments

Single Bungalow (with hot water) – $3250

Single Bungalow (with no hot water) – $2850

Double (one queen bed + one twin bed) – $2420

Triple (three twin beds) – $1925

Glamping Couple – $1675

Glamping Trio – $1250

Glamping Tents share 4 Bathrooms + 4 Showers

While some days the water is perfect for paddle boarding and swimming, the ocean is temperamental and not always safe. Please use caution and respect the sea.

To reserve your space email ambervoilesyoga@gmail.com or use the contact page on this site. Spaces will be filled on a first come first served basis.