We are blessed to invite you on a mystical journey deep into the Amazon Rainforest December 10-20, 2017 to live with the Yawanawá, indigenous tribe of Acre, Brasil. The programming will be to align you with the vibration of the forest, to bring you into balance with the harmony of nature and your true purpose, and to reawaken your own healing capacity. We will learn about sacred Yawanawá traditions and experience medicines from the forest such as Uni (Ayahuasca), Rume (Rapé), Kambo, Sananga, Urucum, Jenipapo, and more. This will be a very sacred time working with the plants, learning the mythologies, listening to the music, and celebrating indigenous wisdom at the source – in the heart of the Amazon Rainforest!

We will be guided by Matsini, the Spiritual Leader of the Yawanawá, in his village of Mutum. It is an honor and a privilege to be invited to live with the Yawanawá, particularly at this point in their tribal history. Last December the Yawanawá lost a valuable member of their family – Tata. At 103 years old Tata was one of the oldest shamans in the Amazon and was responsible for safeguarding the tribe’s spiritual legacy through the difficult years of colonization and interference by the rubber tappers and missionaries. Tata was their teacher, their mentor, their friend… and Matsini, one of his most important students. Matsini now carries the torch, along with his sister Hushahu and Tata’s grandson, Rasu. They are the ones responsible for the continuity of the work now. They are the ones walking the path to keep Yawanawá Spirituality vibrantly alive. And we are here to support them. And to learn from them. We are incredibly fortunate Matsini has invited us to his home in the forest. And at a time when very few people from abroad will be there. A rare opportunity indeed!


Living in the jungle can be challenging. And extremely rewarding. Conditions range from incredibly pleasant to quite harsh. The bugs are no joke, and we will be bathing in the river. This trip is not for everyone. But for those of you eager for the adventure of a lifetime, it is an opportunity not to be missed. We will be sleeping in hammocks. We will provide a detailed packing list for you and food and water will be safe for consumption.


December 7 meet in Rio Branco, Palace Hotel
December 8 travel by car to Tarauacá, Ouro Hotel
December 9 day in Tarauacá, purchase final supplies
December 10 car trip to harbor, journey to Mutum by boat

December 10-20 Mutum Immersion

December 20 boat to harbor, car to Tarauacá, Ouro Hotel
December 21 car to Rio Branco
December 22 depart


Uni (Ayahuasca)
Uni is the primary medicine used by the Yawanawá to connect you to what the Yawanawá call “the force” – the spiritual dimension present that we typically do not have access to. We will participate in the brewing of the Uni tea, learn the story of Uni, and have the opportunity to sit in ceremony with the Yawanawá – a true blessing indeed!

Rume (Rapé)
Rume is another primary medicine of the Yawanawá. It is a tobacco medicine with strong healing powers. It is administered through the nostrils.

Kambo is a frog medicine with very strong healing powers. The medicine is administered directly from the frog and induces a powerful detoxifying effect. It boosts the immune system, enhances physical energy, and is used to cure many diseases.

Sananga is made from the bark of the root of a plant called Apocynaceae. The juice of the bark is administered through the eyes. It is known to heal both the physical and energetic eyes and is used to relieve headaches.

Plant Baths
The plants baths are a detoxification process where we first steam with the plants and then are washed with the plants to help detoxify the body-mind of technologies, allowing us align with the vibration of the forest.

Urucum and Jenipapo
These plants are used to paint the body. They give physical protection as well as connection to the force of the different animals and elements being painted.

$2400 USD

This includes the cost of the journey from Rio Branco to Mutum, hotel in Rio Branco on the 7th, Tarauacá the 8th, 9th & 20th, and your stay in Mutum, including all food and medicines. Not included is your hotel in Rio Branco on the 21st, as some will be traveling that night, food while traveling (most hotels offer free breakfast), and airfare. Simple foods and clean water will be provided while in the forest.

To reserve your space please send an email to ambervoilesyoga@gmail.com.

We very much look forward to this journey and hope to share it with you!



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